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How to make contact with interstellar borthers and sister and Message from SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean 4 Jan. 2015

January 29, 2015

Multidimensional Ocean

STARGATE-DEAN-HEAVENIt is possible to contact them, as follows. I would appreciate it if you could tell us about the meeting and the conversations if any. Close your eyes, envelop yourself in a blanket of positive feelings and energy. Reach out to the stars, let your mind be guided to the stars of the sky, to space, to above the Earth. You will meet the energy of the Sun light there, and the amazing halo of Mother Earth. Not far, the moon will be coming, watch out for her! she is quite huge and can appear out of nowhere almost. Once there, ask (or demand) to connect with your star’s brothers and sisters, and with the minds of those close to your heart. Only allow light beings near you (just in case!). If you are in luck, they might even invite you on their ships and chat with you. Ok. I…

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  1. saucernut2 permalink

    Hello Dreamwalker444, I do not know anyone else to ask about the Dream Flight for this next excursion of this Saturday night of 9/19/2015 actually (9/20/2015). My wife and I are requesting two passes, one for each of us to board the Mother ship or any of your wonderful ships, we have tried 2 times before with no pickup to view the ships and our friends, this will be our 3rd try as we are so excited in advance, thank you for your invite, we will possible see you there.

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